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Terms and Conditions





In these Terms and Conditions, defined words are used and have the following meaning:

  • “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C’s” mean these Terms and Conditions
  • “You” mean the buyer of The VIP Club Memberships and the user of this website
  • “Us” and “We” mean The VIP Club
  • "Merchant" or “Supplier” mean a third party who provides the products and services in exchange for a voucher that You can redeem.
  • “Product” or “Service” means the specified goods and/or service indicated/described on the Voucher or Offer which is provided by the Merchant when the voucher is redeemed.
  • “Voucher” or “Offer(s)/Offering” means a printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to discounts or offerings, which is subject to these Terms and Conditions, and allow you to redeem at the merchant or supplier in exchange for Products or Services as stated on the voucher.
  • “Register” means signing up to The VIP Club by entering your first name, last name, date of birth, contact number, gender, e-mail address and password to create your membership account.
  • “Website” means The VIP Club Website


    • These Terms and Conditions are applicable when you access and use The VIP Club website and register to be a member.
    • You may not register to The VIP Club unless You accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions
    • Please read these Terms and Conditions as these Terms and Conditions are made between You and Us.
    • To become a member of The VIP Club, You must be 18 years or older.
    • The content of this website may only be used by You for your own non-commercial shopping and information purposes only.
    • These Terms and Conditions are a written contract between Us and You and the Terms and Conditions of suppliers does not form part of the contract between Us and You.
    • If any one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions should become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, such provision will be set apart from these Terms 

and Conditions, and the validity, legality and enforceability of the rest of the provisions will not in any way be affected.

  • We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without any prior notice. We may request you to agree to any amendments to these Terms and Conditions from time to time
  • We only act as a third party between You and the Merchant.
  • Products and Services will be provided to You by the Merchant and not by Us.
  • The Merchant’s Terms and Conditions will be applicable and enforceable on all Products and

       Services bought by You.

  • The VIP Club does not offer any Warranty and Guarantee Policies on any goods or service

       offered. Refer to the individual Merchant’s terms and conditions regarding their Warranty and 

        Guarantee Policies

  • If you have any queries or problems with any goods or service, You must direct it and take it up

              directly with the merchant to resolve.

  • We will not get involved in any disputes relating to any product or service. We will also not be

       liable for any losses or damages

  • No refunds will be paid if You wish to cancel your membership at any stage.
  • The offering on this website is available to South African customers only.
  • You agree not to infect the Website with any virus or any computer programming that may

       damage or interfere any data or information on the Website and you agree to pay for any

       monetary or other loss we may incur of such infection by You.

  • If You do not comply with these Terms and Conditions we may close you membership after

              giving you notice.

  • Your may experience access restrictions to the Website due to maintenance or repairs to the

       Website. We cannot guarantee that your use of the Website will always be uninterrupted and

       may become interrupted due to factors beyond our control.

  • We cannot assume any responsibility for any Website problems you may experience due to your

       browser or third party software.

  • We will not be liable to You for factors beyond our control for any breach of our obligations

       under these Terms and Conditions where we are prevented from carrying out our obligations by  

       any cause outside reasonable control. These factors may include but is not limited to fire, flood, 

       lightning, severe weather, strike, labour dispute, act of God, war, riot, civil actions, malicious  

       damage, failure of any telecommunications systems, computer systems, accident.



    • Payment is made via the secure PayFast portal.
    • We do not accept any liable in terms of incorrect payments.
    • No refunds will be paid by Us if you wish to cancel your membership at any time.



    • The voucher can be printed directly from the website only. You must take the printed voucher with your ID book/card or license to the Merchant in order to use it and redeem the product or service.
    • There will be additional information and terms and conditions of the Merchant which you must read and understand. Merchants have their own applicable terms and conditions, in relation to the supply of the Product or Service and You must find out what those terms and conditions are before You redeem your Voucher.
    • It is the Merchant’s responsibility, and not the responsibility of Us, to provide you with the Products or Services.
    • If You have any problems with a Product or Service after you have received it from the Merchant you must take it up directly with the Merchant and not with Us. You may not request a refund from Us as we only act as a third party. We are not liable for any losses or damages you may suffer when transaction with the Merchant.
    • Refer to the Merchant Terms and Conditions regarding their policy on returns and refunds.
    • The voucher is redeemable by any person who present it to the Merchant.
    • It is your responsibility to keep the voucher safe and neither Us nor the Merchant will be liable to compensate you or replace the voucher lost by You.
    • You may not copy the voucher and try to redeem the same Voucher more than once.
    • You may not sell the Voucher to any person.
    • Refer to the voucher for the expiry date.
    • We are further also not liable for any errors or omissions on a voucher received from a




    • You may not without our prior consent use our intellectual property for any reason.
    • The Website contain logos, slogans, photographs and multimedia which are our property.



  2. Your personal and private information which you complete when registering for The VIP Club on the Website will be kept safe and in confidence by Us and will not be sold to or made known to third parties.
    1. We may electronically collect, store and use your personal and private information. This information will only be used as follow.
  • Subject to your consent to notify you of offers and marketing communication
  • To verify your identify
  • For statistical data
    • We cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on your electronic device (personal

computer or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may result due to

       the lack of adequate virus protection software or spy-ware that you may inadvertently have installed   

       on your device.


NOTE: if changing a subscription it may take a minute or two to reflect. Please also login to your PayFast account to ensure the old subscription is cancelled.