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The Team

Johan Ungerer

CEO & Managing Director

About Johan Ungerer

He is currently the director of various companies, which include:
• Founder and Creator of Johan Ungerer Signature Cosmetics
• Johan Ungerer Signature Events & Johan Ungerer Signature Weddings of which he is
the creator, founder and director.
• Director of Foresters PTA, an exciting new wedding and events
• Venue in Pretoria East.
• CEO & Managing Director of Opulent Models South Africa.
• Johan has over ten years of experience in the luxury brand industry where he held
various positions like Brand Experience Manager, PR Manager and Events Manager,
working with international brands. He was previously the Luxury Brands & Events
Editor of a magazine which empower woman.
• He is also the Brand Ambassador for several luxury brands in South Africa.
• It’s in the details

Suzette Marais

Head of Training, Coaching & Mentoring

About Suzette Marais

She is a businesswoman with a passion for people and is also the award winner of the Woman of Substance Entrepreneur Award. She is well-known in the modelling industry for developing new talent and getting them signed with well-known internationally Agencies.
• She was the AMTC WORLD Modelling scout and the SATCH SOUTH AFRICA talent scout
• Has had modelling schools and is a fashion stylist and make-up artist.
• Was previously selected to be the Monet American Jewellery brand buyer for the Edgars group
• Semi-finalist for Miss SA and is well known in the beauty industry
• She is the author of two successful books, one of them being “Survival Guide for Girls, with co-authors Jenna Clifford,
Rosie Motene and Juanita Du Plessis.
• Owner of Opulent Me Online Store.
• Owner & Director of Newco Fundraising.
• She is also a mother to twin girls who are 18 years old.

Angeli Marais


About Angeli Marais

Angeli is one of the directors for The Official. Top Model South Africa. She is also the founder and CEO of The Official
Flawless South Africa which is the country’s largest modelling platform for
young aspiring models between the ages of 5-15. Angeli is also the Founder of Filter Free cosmetics launching end of this year. Angeli has also done various campaigns including those for Jenna Clifford and SA fashion week. She is also busy completing her Bcom. Supply Chain Management
degree at the University of Pretoria.

Bianca Coetsee

Head Scout

About Bianca Coetsee

She started her Opulent Models South Africa journey by being a finalist for the competition in 2018 and has since then become a permanent member of the team due to her seeing the changing impact it can bring to other individuals. Since being a finalist, she has been
signed to an agency, walked numerous fashion shows, and has appeared in a couple of reality television shows in the entertainment industry. Currently, she is a B.A. (Hons) Psychology Student with a passion for people, an entrepreneur, and a small business owner.

Victoria Welthagen


About Victoria Welthagen

 Victoria has been with Opulent Models for over 5 years, she started off as an assistant and has worked her way up to
our operations team. Victoria has been in the modeling industry for over 10 years, Modeling for brands such as FBO clothing and Revlon hair. She has won titles including Miss Benoni 2016, 1st runner up Miss Gauteng 2020 and Miss Johannesburg 2022. She is also a successful business woman, both the owner and founder of Tori Estates. She is a fitness enthusiast and accomplished athlete. Victoria is passionate about life and loves taking on every new challenge to the best of her abilities.

Gerhardt Fourie

Model trainer & Ambassador

About Gerhardt Fourie

• Matriculated from Monument High School and went on to study PGA golf and Sportscience and represented the University of Pretoria in golf.
• Switched degrees to Industrial Sociology & Labour Law which I completed in 2018
• Top Model SA finalist in 2017 & signed a contract with Fanjam Model Management same year
• Worked with Men’s Fitness magazine for fashion editorial and other local brands like Makro and

Brad de Waal

Head Graphic Designer

About Brad de Waal

Brad de Waal has been involved in the creative side his whole life and professionally for over 15 years. More than 10 years experience with printed magazine media, as well as digital and creative designs for multiple national and
international companies, have given him an eye for design, and attention to detail. Brad loves meeting and working
with new professionals and learning from all aspects of life. A recent addition to the Opulent Models SA team, Brad’s
combination of being an accomplished gymnast and athlete, qualified designer, and previous title holder of Mr Benoni
2012, gives a unique view as the now newly appointed head Graphic Designer for the Opulent Models SA brand.

Carl Vermeulen

Head of Administration

About Carl Vermeulen

Carl started his journey with Opulent Models South Africa in 2021 as a Wild Carl for the category Body Of The Year where he won the title for Opulent Models South Africa Brand Ambassador 2022.

Since Opulent Models South Africa Grand Finale 2022 he became more ambitious with health and fitness as He is also the face of Opulent Wellness 2022.

  • Face Of Innoxa Vegan Skin Care.
  • Representing Serta Beds South Africa.
  • Representing AA South Africa.
  • He also represented Opulent Models South Africa at BoxOp3 as one of the stage models for the event that took place in 2022.
  • He is currently an office manager at a Mechanial Engineering company and assisting with health and fitness on the side as a hobby.
  • Currently studying his Platinum Diploma through TriFocus Fitness Acadamy.
  • Official Scout for Opulent Models South Africa 2023 #Monochrome


Since his role as Brand Ambassador for Opulent Models South Africa, he has now been chosen to be part of the team as Head of Administration for Opulent Models South Africa.

Ambition will get you places but discipline will open doors to a new adventure.


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Thank you to everyone for making this show amazing. I am grateful for meeting such amazing people. Thank you @Johan Ungerer for giving us such a great opportunity for being apart of the show. And thank you for taking such good care of us. May God bless you abundantly.🤍@+27 71 437 9384 congratulations love, you deserved that title as you embodied it effortlessly. Go kill it in London and make us proud!🤍🤍

Well done to all of you guys. Super proud of myself and each and everyone one of you guys who walked. You guys are a bunch of great people with great personalities honestly and that already makes you all winners.
Congratulations to the winner you deserve it and more.
Thanks guys it was a great one. Tiring but super fun🔥😉

Thank you to all the people involved in organising , running and co-ordinating the event. We appreciate you guys for giving us this opportunity and well done on a good one.🔥❤.

Thank you @Johan Ungerer it was an amazing journey and once again congratulations to all winner🥳🥳

Thank you so very much @Johan Ungerer it has been amazing being part of this incredible experience it
So very grateful to be part of the class of 2022. ❤️

Thankyou so much for this once in a life time opportunity
Blessed to be a part of this experience

Just want to say congratulations to every one of u guys who walked. You guys are all extremely beautiful and handsome and all who I have met and gotten a chance to chat to, you all have been so nice and approachable and seem like reall really nice people and that alone is something to be extremely proud of.
I hope all of you are proud of yourselves because you should be. Well done guys.
To everyone involved, from the interns, cleaners , right up to the CEOs and organizers of the event big ups to u guys for running it and coordinating it so well.we know it wasnt easy and it was very stressful for you guys. Big well done on that. And thank you for giving us that opportunity to own that runway. WELL DONE TO EVERYONE.

And to the winners. Well deserved and super well done.

Thank you to the opulent team and all the organizers, competitors , volunteers and staff for putting together such an amazing event 🔥🙌🏼

Well done to all the competitors , you all were amazing! What an experience it was this past 2 days , very very long hours , very tiring , but very exciting! You all deserve to be proud of yourselves , it wasn’t easy ,But we did it guys ! 🙌🏼🔥 super proud of you all.
Lasting friendships and bonds were formed and memories we will carry with us forever.

Thank you once again !

Thank you to the entire Opulent Models South Africa family for the one in a lifetime experience. All the long hours and sore feet were absolutely worth it. Everyone should be very proud of themselves for the beautiful display yesterday, well done.

To the winners, a huge congratulations to you. This is only the beginning of more amazing things to come for you 🔥👏🏾

Johan and team. Ooh man the Model attitude and unity. Just another planet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@Johan Ungerer @Suzette @+27 79 702 4141 @+27 73 494 9298 and the rest of the TEAM! WOW! I’m speechless! 🥺🙏❤️ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I didn’t think they’ll ever be any class that will top this one of 2022 Finale! 🔥 To each & every MODEL you’re so special, TALENTED. 💯 I’m so grateful for each of you & the experience! everyone played a huge role, Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉 STAY BLESSED EVERYONE!!! 🙏

Thank you @Johan Ungerer and everyone involved in the OMSA show. No words can describe how grateful I am to have been part of a show as big as yesterday, and to meet such amazing people ✨ wishing all the winners a successful journey ahead and to the class of 2022, it’s only bigger and better from here 🤍 wishing you all safe travels and a blessed day! 🥰

Thank you @Johan Ungerer and the rest of the Opulent Models South Africa team for all the hard work and for putting up such an incredible show. Everything was absolutely breathtaking🔥🔥. It was an amazing experience and whole lot of fun. A job well done to the team💞🤗

Congratulations to all the winners🥳 May it be a successful and blessed journey ahead🙏

To all the finalists, you all looked so gorgeous and handsome🔥
May it just go bigger from here💞💞

Lovely meeting all the individuals I got to interact with. You are all amazing and all the best for the future🥰🤗

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